Why Travel with generation adidas international?

What makes us the premier travel partner for youth soccer clubs looking to travel internationally?  Right now, Europe leads the world in youth soccer development and competition, and we can offer your club unrivaled access to some of the top European clubs’ Academy coaches, to learn their training philosophies and methodologies.

Let’s take a deeper dive into one of the aspects that makes travel with us so compelling – Academy Training.

Academy Training is one of the key pillars of our soccer team travel programs, and one that the Players and Coaches that travel with us most enjoy. It’s a chance to access the seemingly inaccessible. During our team travel programs, Players and Coaches are brought to the training facilities of the professional club, often where the first team trains, and are designated a changing room amongst the Academy teams’ rooms. The visiting traveling club is also assigned a high level coach from either the club’s Foundation, or most often, directly from the Academy teams themselves. During the training sessions, the Players are treated like any other Academy Player – running through the warm-ups, drills and strategy that the Academy players are taught.

Often players will coincide with other Academy Players as they move through the facilities, from changing room to training grounds, and on a lucky day, will even catch a glimpse of first team players.

Coaches utilize the time to observe the Academy or Foundation coach in action, reviewing their training plan before hand and watching how the plan progresses and is executed during the session.

And it’s not just an amazing experience for the Players and Coaches – parents also are usually able to attend the training sessions to watch their kids train.

Want to see it for yourself?

See what it takes to travel with us!


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