Here is what some of our clients are saying….

It’s been amazing. The pace is phenomenal, the passing is great. I love how they keep the ball on the ground all the time. Its very technical. Its a technical game. Whereas, in the US it is a lot of fast/athletic kids, long balls so here it really fits into how I play and I love to play with them. I think it will get me closer to my goal, which is to be a professional soccer player. The coaches are amazing. Luis Mendoza, is probably the best coach I have probably ever had and I have learned so much. I would definitely recommend the program, it is a phenomenal experience and one I will never forget. The atmosphere amazing, the complex is amazing, the coaches are fantastic and I have learned so much. And being here is the best experience I could have imagined.

Dakota Peterson Player - Carolina Rapids

One of my favourite moment, was going to the Real Madrid facility and practicing with the coaches. Everyone’s here plays with a purpose, to play well and compete against Real Madrid and Rayo. My favourite moment was watching Real Madrid play in the Santiago Bernabeu. Watching great players in person.

Greg Tracey Player - Carolina Rapids

This is an experience for the players to understand and see what the best level of soccer in the world is. Therefore, the players will have a different mentality once going back to the United States, understanding what does it take to go to the next level. The experience to come to the best club in history is priceless.

Roberto Sibaja Realmadrid Foundation Select Coach

We got to go to France for a day, which was awesome cause I had never been. We have gotten some free time to tour around the city, we have some seen some historical things as well as had time to go shopping and go to the beach. And the whole environment, the fans are louder and get more excited about their soccer. So its just cool to see how they play in different countries. I think my favourite thing was the opening ceremonies, because so many people from so many different countries came together, all united through one common thing, which was soccer.

Estee Park Player

This is our 5th year, we have a great relationship with adidas. For us it is the best tournament of the year because we can exchange techinical, tactical, or even education points with Europe because everyone knows the best soccer is in Europe. The way the kids behave is completely different then in the States. So the highlight for me is how they transform their personality, it is very refreshing because everything is positive.

Mihai Balaban Coach

I just think that with the availability of training in these high level training facilities. I think is something that is so important, and adidas has done a great job at putting us here at the National training centre in Madrid, including Real Madrid. I love watching the different coaching styles, I can pick up new things that I can bring back to the US and put into my training session. Just being able to see where the top players in the world are able to train and compete I think is fantastic. It is a great program who else has the opportunity to train at these type of facilities with these types of coaches.

Danielle Malagari Coach

I really enjoyed seeing the girls engage with each other as well as the other teams. Often after the game the girls from the other team have wanted their Facebook Names or Twitter accounts so that culture exchange has been excellent. Getting to go to France was an amazing adventure for the girls, it was so easy and so coordinated. I don’t need to think we just get there and show up. It has been an amazing vacation for everybody. The extent that they went too to create an amazing event for the opening ceremonies was unbelievable the fields have been beautfiul, and seeing the culture of soccer in another country its the same game but its a different culture surrounding it and have just enjoyed it so much.

Beth Park Parent

…from the moment we arrived at the Spanish National Team Training Complex “City of Futbol”, to the moment of our departure after the match with Real Madrid junior team, everything was first class.

Alfonso Mondelo MLS Technical Director Player Program

A great trip I’m looking forward to coming back. It was fun a lot of fun.

Emmet Kumeh Player - ODP Region III

This was a fabulous trip. Our first trip to Europe could not have been any better. Sam and Nacho where excellent guides – knowledgeable, informative, pleasant and helpful. Nice balance of structured, organized activities as well as free time.

Anne and Mike Tizio Parents - Pasco BU14

We really enjoyed the whole experience – the tournament, tour guides and bus driver were wonderful. The hotels we stayed at were excellent. The City of Futbol was fantastic!

Mary Lopez Player - New Jersey Freedom

Having the girls meeting the Real Madrid players was an unforgettable experience for them. Also training and staying at the top class facilities of the City of Futbol gave us the opportunity to really prepare for the season.

Matt Yelton Coach - Lee University Women

I want to say thank you to adidas ITP for making dreams come true for all my players, parents and coaching staff. This was definitely a trip that will be hard to duplicate. Your professionalism was evident from the very moment we started planning this trip and all through the planning, implementation and execution, you guys remained professionals as we work out the challenges of putting this trip together. My foundation EJJE Soccer Academy and staff are excited and looking forward to many more opportunities in the future with your company. Our hosts in Madrid were very professional and knowledgeable and we received more than was expected in the way Nacho and Juan Perez guided our whole trip. Juan made the whole trip exciting with his knowledge and passion for making dreams come true. We are very grateful to have dealt with both professionals in Spain. In my opinion, the only disappointment and complaints from everyone was “why do we have to go back?” and my response to the group is “So we can do it again next year and expand on the dream” and everyone got excited and are already talking about next year. Overall, this was a wonderful experience. A big thank you to your organization for helping us experience Madrid and soccer.

Eddie Oyakhilome DOC - EJJE Soccer Academy

On behalf of our son Hernan (Nanu) we would like to express our gratitude to you, because you went above and beyond when hurricane Irene caused the cancelation of the flights, keeping our kids from coming back home on time. You were constantly in touch with us, through email or even over the phone, giving us reassurance regarding our kid’s wellbeing while in Spain. Most people take the time to share their complaints, which is human nature, I guess. We think it is very important to address when things have been handled professionally and with care, as well. The degree of excellence in any program is created mostly by the people that run it, people who are willing to go the extra mile when an unexpected situation arises. We feel that you have done an amazing job and we would like to thank you personally for that. Thank you so much for your time, care and consideration.

Laura Romer and Pablo Gelaf Parents - Real Madrid Select Program

This trip was awesome. This was my first trip overseas and I could not have asked for a better experience. Everything was done to the highest quality.

Elicia Stegner Player - Carson-Newman College, Women

The trip was so good that I didn’t want to leave. Playing in Spain has been phenomenal!”

Nick Tsakiris Player - Coerver Australia

It was the best trip I have ever had and thought the kids were great. I enjoyed playing soccer with them.

Peter Zecca Player - Boston Bulldogs
This was the experience of a lifetime for my 11 year old son. The soccer competition was the best.
Steve Kulcsal Parent - Pasco BU14

I would definitely love to repeat it and would suggest it to everyone I know. Just because it is something so amazing and you never get this opportunity again. Its something that you dream about doing over and over again. Its something that no one will ever forget.

Agustin Navarro Player

You have enough time for soccer but also enough time to experience the culture. It is an educational experience that not to many people have the opportunity to participate in.

Joe Flynn Parent