Spotlight on our Team Coordinators: Meet Mario!

Meet our generation adidas international Team Coordinator – Super Mario!

We understand that traveling to a foreign country can be at times stressful or even scary, especially if there is a language barrier involved. To combat all of those emotions, we do our best to make sure everything is taken care of, from flights to hotels to transport and tourism. We put you in the hands of our experienced, multilingual Team Coordinators, who are available 24/7 to ensure that your travel is as seamless as possible.


Let’s take a moment to meet one of our well-known and loved Team Coordinators, Mario, who’s been with us for over 5 years, bringing the best experience of Spanish fútbol to groups from around the world!

generation adidas international (GAI): Could you tell us where you’re from?

Team Coordinator Mario (TC Mario): I am from Madrid! If you want to get technical, I was born in the barrio Ventas which is near the bullfighting arena, but I now live in Barrio Lavapies. I’d consider myself now to be more from Lavapies than Ventas. Lavapies is full of life, color and cultures.

GAI: What languages do you speak?

TC Mario: So many! Spanish – that’s my native tongue. English – that’s what I studied in school, and my wife is from England. French – also another language I studied in school. And of course the mix of other Romantic languages which I like to call Itañol (Italian + Spanish) and Portuñol (Portuguese + Spanish).

GAI: And how did you learn to speak so many languages?

TC Mario: Well, as I said earlier, studying in language academies but also, I talk A LOT!

GAI: Tell us how long you’ve been working with gai and how you first got started here.

TC Mario: Let’s see, I started working with GAI in 2012, so five or six years ago. I replied to an advert I had seen about being a Team Coordinator and it sounded perfect – mixing soccer and supervising international groups. I immediately applied for it and the rest is history!

GAI: As a Team Coordinator, what has been your favorite trip?

TC Mario: My favorite trips are always to the Donosti Cup. It’s an amazing atmosphere with hundreds of teams from all over the world. Plus, San Sebastian is a really special city.

GAI: In your opinion, what makes GAI programs special?

TC Mario: As a Team Coordinator, what makes this work special for me are the relationships you create with the Players, Parents, and Coaches. I always look forward to meeting new groups.

GAI: Why do like being a Team Coordinator?

TC Mario: Well, it’s like I said before, I love creating new relationships. Apart from that, I really enjoy seeing the faces of my group members when they discover and see new things for the first time. It feels great to be able to share those types of experiences with people.

GAI: Could you share a memorable moment from one of your trips with us?

TC Mario: Sure! I can’t think of one particular time, but something I that I never get tired of is bringing a team to Real Madrid City for the time. Their reaction is truly unforgettable.

GAI: Let’s finish this off with a piece of advice for those who will travel with us in the future.

TC Mario: Easy – don’t lose your passport! Just kidding. Try to be a traveler, not a tourist.


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