Safety and Supervision while Traveling with generation adidas international

We understand that sending your Player abroad is a big decision. Whether you plan to travel as a Supporter or not, you want to be sure that your Player will be safe while they’re in Europe. Partnering with general adidas international, we have over 15 years experience taking youth soccer teams abroad. We’ve put in the work and have the knowledge to keep your Players safe, all while ensuring that they have an unforgettable international training experience.

Each year we bring our Team Coordinators from around Europe together in Madrid for a 2-day training course. This is an important opportunity to review best practices and prepare our team for the year of travel!                             


It’s not always possible for family members to travel with their Players – no problem. Every team we take overseas has a Player or Players that have never traveled abroad before, or have never traveled without their family. We are mindful of parents who are worried about Players that are nervous about flying so far away from home and their parents.

Along with any Coaches and Supporters that are able to come on the trip, there will always be a Team Coordinator with your group. Our Team Coordinators are highly trained and professional. They are with your team from landing to departure at the destination you are visiting, and they are with the group 24/7 throughout the program. These Team Coordinators are carefully selected and trained by generation adidas international. They are bilingual hospitality professionals with extensive experience traveling with groups and guiding them through itineraries.


Upon arrival, we immediately emphasize the rules and guidelines for safety to all travelers at the welcome meeting, and let them know that abiding by the rules will keep them safe. Players are never allowed to go out by themselves during their stay, and walking in groups is mandatory during sightseeing and leisure time.

The hotels and locations we choose are selected with security as a high priority. The bus companies we choose are always driven by professional drivers. We do not make use of public transportation, taxis, or rideshare services for our programs. The professional facilities where we visit and train are protected by security systems and guards at all times. It is also customary for Coaches and parents to keep an extra close eye on the Player(s) who do not have a family member on the trip. Your Player’s safety is very important to us and you are welcome to schedule a call with our Program Managers to discuss this topic in more detail.


In the hotels, the group’s rooms are usually blocked together, to ensure group proximity. Team Coordinators stay at the hotel with the team, and they are available 24 hours each day for any/all emergency situations. Players are given a curfew if they have free time after dinner, and room checks ensure that all Players are safely in their rooms.

If your club is considering or registering for international travel with us, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. Just shoot us a message at!

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