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generation adidas international specializes in providing incomparable experiences for American youth clubs at global adidas academies. As part of the Rush network, your club has the opportunity to train and play at the top developmental facilities in the world.

With a decade plus commitment to logistics and service, generation adidas international takes painstaking care to plan and execute all aspects of your international travel. This way you can focus on whatʼs really important…soccer.

No other company provides you access to train and play at the titans of international soccer like Real Madrid CF, AFC Ajax, Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC. Under the tutelage of professional academy coaches, your club will be provided the ideal supplemental experience for the training and competition they receive the remainder of the year.

potential destination

Please contact us for customized programming at any of the below venues for your Rush club:


The programs

We currently have a stock of “in-line” programs that include all of the permutations of our offerings. These can be provided upon request.

1. Youth Team Tournament Program:

  • International Youth Tournaments: Rush Clubs are provided a unique opportunity to compete in some of the world's best international youth tournaments.
  • International Academy Tournaments: Any appropriate elite level Rush Teams will be potentially offered an entry into our international academy tournament offering (approval of qualification required).

2. Individual Academy Training Program:

  • Rush Select Team Program: Annually the elite Rush Select Team travels to one of the world's foremost academies to compete and train. Previous iterations include 2013 to Real Madrid, 2014 to AFC Ajax and FFC Frankfurt, and 2015 to AS Roma.
  • Real Madrid CF, Ajax or FFC Frankfurt (girls) SELECT Training Programs: These elite individual programs include positions exclusively reserved for the Rush network of clubs from the U-14 through U-17 age groups. Participation is by invitation only and includes training and competition at and against the host clubs.

3. Coaching Education:

  • Annually generation adidas international develops a custom coaching education course exclusively for Rush at one of our premiere partner academies. Previous Programs have been hosted by AFC Ajax and Real Madrid CF.


Rush and generation adidas international have partnered to make the process of international travel as simple as possible for you and your club. A Rush representative, Nathan Hunt, has been appointed as a liaison for your needs to take any inquiries and begin development of a customized developmental program with generation adidas international.

If team(s) at your club are considering travel, contact Nathan Hunt or generation adidas international directly for a customized program at one of a number of professional academy or tournament destinations around the globe.

With a strong relationship with the worldʼs top academies, generation adidas international will build itineraries that maximize all elements the academy can provide.

A specialization in the logistics of travel and understanding of the details necessary to ensure a safe and incident-free trip, this partnership will reduce the time and resources that would be required from your club to organize its own trips.

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