royal belgian football association

experience the recipe for success that revolutionized soccer in Belgium

The Royal Belgian Football Association, also known as KVBV, is the governing body of soccer and futsal in Belgium.

Less than 20 years ago, the KVBV made a bold decision to redesign the country’s soccer blueprint by adopting the same vision for clubs, national teams and coaches.

They began by implementing a particular style of play in under-18 teams across the country and emphasizing development at the youth level. They deemphasized the importance of winning and urged a delayed introduction to full-size pitches, opting for five-a-side and seven-a-side play.

The national team experienced an explosion of talented youth players and some of the biggest names today in soccer are a testament to the blueprint. These players include Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne, Chelsea phenomenon Eden Hazard, Manchester United striker-midfield duo Romelu Lekaku and Maroane Fellaini, and goalkeeping sensation Thibaut Courtois.

You’ll experience first hand the recipe for success that revolutionized soccer in Belgium and propelled the Belgian national team to one of the top ten in FIFA world rankings today.

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