Why is International Travel a “Unique Opportunity” for Clubs and Players?


Youth Players, teams and groups from all over the world make requests constantly to get into the top professional academies like Real Madrid, Ajax, Juventus, Benfica and other top clubs. Very few are granted access and even fewer are able to receive training on the grounds and with these clubs’ respective academy Coaches. Our teams get the red carpet treatment when visiting and are usually allowed multiple days training and interaction with Coaches. It is an extraordinarily unique experience for Players and teams.

Players have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hold Spain’s 2010 World Cup trophy at the RFEF Royal Spanish Football Federation museum at the City of Fútbol in Madrid, Spain.

International soccer travel with generation adidas international is a once-in-a-lifetime memory for Players. It’s a glimpse into the day-in-the-life of a youth professional in Europe. What’s more, it’s 8 days without the distractions at home – like friends, video games, and other activities –  to bond with teammates and focus on soccer. It’s an opportunity to tour some of the iconic locations where the world’s best players are training and playing, and to experience training sessions conducted by UEFA ‘A’ licensed coaches. This is an inspiring experience for young Players, and we find that most Players return to the U.S. with a stronger desire to be a better player in the U.S.

Our programs are also a fantastic vacation for family members.  Supporters and Players alike will better understand the passion for soccer that exists around the world.  It’s an opportunity for your family to spend time together in beautiful locations. What’s more – it’s a turnkey operation, and easy for parents.  We handle all program details, so your family can relax and enjoy.


As an added benefit, it is highly likely that when your Player prepares his or her soccer resume for review by a select team or college team recruiter that their participation in this type of overseas training program with an elite pro club will catch the eye of an interested Coach. It’s another reason we believe it is a unique opportunity.

So what does it look like to have a Player travel with generation adidas international?

Step 1: Do your research and Say Yes – yes to the adventure of a lifetime for your player and his or her teammates. Yes to a cultural experience that will change your child’s worldview and open their eyes to new possibilities. Yes to a soccer experience that will motivate and inspire them to train harder when they get home. With generation adidas international, we take care of the important details like safety and travel logistics, so your player can experience the trip of a lifetime.

Step 2: Register! For each traveler, you’ll need their full name and date of birth at the time of registration.  No passport? No worries! You’ll need one, but it can be easily added to your account as soon as you have it. If you’d like to take the flight, opt in during registration.

  • The group flight is sourced by us, and your Team Leader has the final say on the chosen flight itinerary, including airline, airport of departure, and number of layovers. We source the best flight possible according to those guidelines, and once confirmed with the coach, offer it to you!
  • Traveling different dates than the team? Planning to stay for longer? Wanting to use frequent flyer miles to book on your preferred airline? No problem! We price the program in two pieces – landed package, and flights, so you can choose what works best for your Player or family.

Step 3: Payment for your program happens in 3 easy payments, charged to the credit card provided at the time of registration. Exact payment dates will be provided on your registration site and available for reference, so you know what to expect.

  1. Initially you’ll pay a $395 deposit to confirm each traveler’s landed spot, paid at the time of online registration, and an additional $150 per traveler if you reserve a seat on the group flight.
  2. Then, expect a second payment of $800 approximately four months before travel…
  3. And a final payment of your account balance about 1 month before travel.

Step 4: Now, sit back and enjoy!  If you’re traveling with your Player, watch them live the life of an Academy Player and learn what it takes to be a professional. At the same time, depend on our full time Team Coordinator to supervise the group and assist the coaches, so you can relax and enjoy a European adventure of your own. Glass of wine and tapas, anyone? If you’re at home, rest assured that your Player is in good hands with a certified travel agency with fifteen years of experience organizing youth soccer tours. Follow the group on their dedicated Facebook event to keep up with their day to day activities and live vicariously.

Step 5: Once your Player is home, see the changes unfold – watch as your Player returns to their club and regular life with a wider worldview and a better understanding of what it takes to get to the next level in soccer. Expect to see this play out in their future, on and off the field.


Still have questions? No problem! Write us at customerservice@generationadidasinternational.com!

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