faq page


Can I use a credit card to pay for the trip? What payment options do I have?

You can pay for the trip through various payment options. You can pay with your credit card on this website or mail us a check.

Will generation adidas international help us with fundraising for our group trip?

Yes, we have several tips for helping cut the cost of your group trip. For more information on the subject, please click here.

The Experience

Will my child be well supervised on the trip?

Yes, along with any coaches and supporters that come on the trip, there will always be a tour director with your group. This person is available at all times, and will be with your group at soccer events and any outings.

Is travel insurance included in the price of the program?

At generation adidas international we put the athletes safety and well-being first so all of our programs have travel insurance built into the cost of the trip and is not optional.

Travel and Stay

What meals are included in the price?

We offer prices for breakfast, half or full board. Half board includes two meals a day (typically one being breakfast), and full board includes three meals a day.

Where do we stay?

generation adidas international works with numerous hotels. We will arrange a stay that fits your budget.

What type of transportation do we use while abroad?

Our groups travel in top quality charter buses and/or minivans.

How does the group size affect the cost of our trip?

Larger groups certainly save money. We customize tours for small groups, but for the best deal, larger groups are encouraged.

Can I use my cell phone abroad?

Check with your cell phone provider before the trip to see if you can use your personal cell phone in another country. Once at your destination, you can purchase a special phone card for use in public phone booths, or an international calling card. Do not use the phone in your hotel room because high usage fees are always applied, which you will be responsible for paying. Visit www.minutepass.com for information on purchasing a long-distance calling card before departure.

How much luggage can each person bring?

Most airlines allow one check-in piece and one carry on. However, please keep in mind that once outside of the US your group will be traveling either on a bus or in vans, depending on the size of the group. Therefore, please try to pack accordingly.

Checked Baggage:
A general rule of thumb for checked luggage is that the bag be no more than 62 linear inches (sum of L+W+H) and 50 pounds. Airlines do impose fees for oversize and/or overweight bags, for which you will be responsible. Airlines currently do not charge a fee for the first checked bag on international flights. Once your flight is confirmed, please check the airline website for specific details on checked baggage.
Carry-on Baggage:
Your carry-on bag should be the size of a school backpack and fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. All liquids or gels in your carry-on bag must be in three ounce size containers (or smaller) and placed in a clear quart-size zip-top bag. All medications must be carried in original containers.

Can I fly out of my local airport?

Yes, travelers can fly out of their local airports at their own cost.

Do I need to make my own airline reservations?

We take care of airfare from major US cities.

Can I use a credit or debit card outside of the US?

Yes, ATM’s are readily available all over the world. You can take money out of an ATM with your bank card from home, and only a small fee will apply.

Can family members and/or friends come along on our trip?

Yes, supporters are always welcome. In addition to the soccer aspect of your trip, our trips offer wonderful sightseeing and cultural experiences that can be enjoyed by all.


Is sightseeing included in the price?

Yes, sightseeing is included in your tour price. We customize the tour according to what your group would like to see and do, thus the time spent sightseeing is up to you.

Can we see a professional official soccer game?

Yes. We offer the option to watch professional soccer games. Please, keep in mind that we offer this option only during soccer season. There may be times when there are no games being played.