The generation adidas Elite Soccer Program (“ESP”) is the most prestigious youth development experience for young MLS Academy Players in America. Open to players with 2002 and 2003 birth years, ESP’s pinnacle annual event is an invitation-only weeklong immersion that gathers the “best of the best” MLS Academy players to compete on the pitch and have a premium adidas experience. Through adidas’ grassroots development initiative generation adidas, the brand immerses the players in the most professionalized environment for a week. During the week, the players compete, bond, and grow both on and off the field. generation adidas international is proud to act as the operational partner to this event, taking care of the travel and event logistics.

The recent history
  • In 2018, ESP took place in Atlanta, Georgia in conjunction with the MLS All Star game at the Mercendez Benz Stadium on August 1 against Juventus F.C.
  • In 2017, ESP took place in Chicago, Illinois in conjunction with the MLS All Star game at Soldier Field on August 2 against Real Madrid C.F.
  • In 2016, the event was celebrated in San Jose, California during the week of the MLS All Star game against Arsenal F.C at the San Jose Quakes Avaya Stadium.
  • In 2015, selected players were invited to Los Angeles, California.
  • In 2014, the ESP program was reinstated with an event taking place in Portland, Oregon.

Proximity to the All Star game allows generation adidas to bring in ESP alumni and MLS heroes who share their own stories with the Academy players, reflecting on their ESP personal experiences. Invited players also have the opportunity to play in a professional stadium, sometimes in the same stadium where the All Star game takes place, just before the MLS Homegrown game celebrating homegrown talents promoted within MLS. The game is played East vs. West, according to each player’s home academy.

generation adidas ESP creates a world-class soccer experience with an environment designed specifically for players. On-field play is complemented by off-field learning moments, competitions, and once-in-a-lifetime activities aimed to help players master the tools necessary to cultivate success as a professional. ESP players will engage with widely recognized experts in their fields on various subjects such as the “professional” mindset, coping with adversity, succeeding where others fail, keys to peak performance, nutrition, training and equipment necessary to optimize performance. In addition to receiving an impressive array of adidas swag, Players also spend their free time in the spectacular ‘Players Lounge’.



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