academy training programs

Academy Training Program
train with academy coaches at top facilities

Train with professional Academy coaches at state of the art facilities. Experience the life of a European youth Academy player!

Academy Training Program
play competitive friendly matches

Challenge your game by playing against top quality local opponents, putting your new skills into practice. Learn about the local style of play first-hand!

Academy Training Program
attend professional matches

Take your game to the next level by seeing the greats play in person. Imagine seeing Messi, Bale or Mueller’s skills up close.

Academy Training Program
tour professional stadiums and facilities

Get a behind the scenes glimpse of your favorite stadiums! See the trophies won, see the field from the team bench, and visit the locker rooms.

Academy Training Program
cultural sightseeing

Experience a European capital, including its local culture, language, and food! Visit important historical sites and learn about local life.

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